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Luxury Home Builders in Texas

If you are looking for quality luxury home builders in Texas, you have come to the right place. Millenia Home Builders has an experienced team of licensed and skilled home builders at your service. For over 38 years, Founder Steve Goodman has been building exceptional luxury homes all over Texas. It is our goal at Millenia Homes, to build you the perfect luxury home of your dreams, while providing a building experience like none you have seen.

A Taste for Luxury Housing

We have been building homes in the luxury housing market for years. We know what the best in luxury looks like and have helped many customers satisfy their taste perfectly. When it comes to luxury homes there is no substitute for quality and everything we put into our homes is top-of-the-line. Millenia Homes has an eye for the best finishes, amenities and craftsmanship, and we can help you create it all.

Our Luxury Builders Philosophy

Our luxury home builders have a unique perspective that we share with our clients. We believe that the process is as important as the finished product itself, and they are really one-in-the-same when you think about it. We create an exciting, stress-less and rewarding experience for you during the building process. Some of the luxury service options available are:

  • High-End finishes and details
  • Custom trim and decor
  • Luxury home plans and custom drawn plans
  • Flexible Contract arrangements for on-the-fly customization
  • Premier Design Advice
  • Exceptional Communication and Client Direction Opportunities
  • Lot prep, sales and pristine landscaping

Millenia Homes’ Luxury Home Builders – Texas

Steve Goodman’s home building services have earned him many awards and accolades over the past 38 years. This kind of a reputation draws some of the best home building talent from around Texas. Goodman has put together a team of skilled luxury home builders in Texas, and they are sure not to disappoint. To contact us today, call 214-733-0951 or email Steve Goodman at You can also get started today, by filling out our online form!