Choosing Your Luxury Home Builders in Dallas

Luxury Home Builders in Dallas

Millenia Home Builders has an experienced team of luxury home builders in Dallas, TX. Our skilled and licensed contractors are unique in that they have exquisite taste in luxury materials and design. Owner Steve Goodman has been building luxury homes in the Dallas area for over 38 years. At Millenia Homes, we want to provide you with a luxury building experience like you have never heard of or seen before.

The Luxury Experience

Millenia Homes has been building in the luxury housing market for years. We have refined our style and taste for luxury over the years and we stay up-to-date on all the latest luxury trends. We research the changing trends and realize that when it comes to the highest end designs and home products, there is no substitute for the best.

Luxury Home Building Services

We believe that the home building process is just as important as the finished product, and that they are really the same when you think about it. Our experience of building is rewarding to our customers and they enjoy being involved in the process and customizing as the project goes along. Some of the luxury service options available are:

  • Custom trim and decor
  • High-End finishes and details
  • Luxury home plans and custom drawn plans
  • Flexible Contract arrangements for on-the-fly customization
  • Premier Design Advice
  • Exceptional Communication and Client Direction Opportunities
  • Lot prep, sales and pristine landscaping


Our Luxury Home Builders

Steve Goodman has won many awards over the past 38 years for his home building services. His reputation brought some of the best luxury home builders in Dallas together. From this, Goodman has constructed one of the best teams of contractors in the business. To find out more about Millenia Homes, contact us today, call 214-733-0951 or email Steve Goodman at You can also get started today, by filling out our online form!